1. blogfail.

    I should start taking more pictures again.

  2. Beautiful day.

  3. My mom and I went for a walk with Samson down by the river, this creepy path that I’m positive is a popular location for prostituting and drug using at night, but it’s a pretty cool place during the day. I call the first one: lost basketball. Yeah, Idk. It was random and I thought made a pretty cool shot.

    After we looked around the trail, we decided to go to the usual park by the River front, laid in the grass and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Mother’s day. Sammy enjoyed himself too as you can see. I think he might be my favorite subject. Sorry.

    Also: that disgusting picture of my mother’s foot is because she walked into the vacuum and I’m 99% sure her toe is broken. You can’t see the bruising in that picture but oh is it there.

    I guess I have too many pictures from this outing for one post. I’ll make another with the last couple.

  4. Final photos today: My uncle came over and insisted I take his picture with my brother and my dog. 

  5. So my boyfriend Paul is in a band and they play a lot of shows throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and NJ. This was a show at Fontana’s in Manhattan in Chinatown. They had some great lighting and it let me practice a little bit with low lighting settings on the camera and I’d say they came out pretty well. :)

  6. So my first photos on my new camera were of my dog, Samson! Just messing around, with settings, right now, I couldn’t tell you what they were to save my life.  The last couple are of my boyfriend, Paul, and me. Again, just testing out the camera!


  7. Finally…

    Okay so I finally upgraded my OS and now will be able to (hopefully) successfully upload my photos! Woo! I have a few different ones to upload as I have had my camera for about a month now. I need to take more though! Then Hopefully I can get some people actually following this and paying attention.

  8. Hi. As you probably guessed, this blog is going to basically be a photo blog. Once I actually get my computer into shape to put photos on it. Also, as you probably guessed from the title, I will not be using any filters in any of my photos. I don’t have photoshop and I won’t be editing my photos. If a picture is less than great I won’t use it. Or I will and you’ll be able to tell that I messed something up. While I think technology is great, sometimes I feel like the beauty of photography has been lost with everything becoming digital. I am the most amateur of amateurs and I have only taken one Photography class- in high school. And it was Film. And I didn’t do that amazingly. But I loved it. And I have continued to love photography since then. So there will be a lot of trial and error, and a lot of learning on my part. I hope if you stumbled across this, or if I sent you here to check these out that you’ll appreciate my goal and want to share this blog with others. :)